About ON After School

On After School offers training and resources designed to enhance quality in after school programs for children and youth in Ontario. This Ontario Portal is part of the National website activeafterschool.ca, a project of the Canadian Active After School Partnership designed to enhance the delivery of quality after-school programs and increase access and opportunity to engage in physical activity, healthy living and nutrition practices.

There is both anecdotal commentary and research evidence, from Canada and internationally, of the importance of these programs as a means to encourage and promote healthy and positive development.

Quality after school programs help young people

More Benefits

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Develop Cognitive Thinking
Develop Emotional Well-being
Develop Social Skills
Develop Physical Health

Our Goal 

To provide access to information that increases the capacity of Ontario after school program provider agencies, supervisors and front-line staff to deliver quality programs that:

  • Increase physical activity levels
  • Improve eating habits
  • Increase capacity to achieve personal potential

Responding to Practitioner needs

  • Creating a connected community of practice through regular group conferences/meetings or brainstorming sessions
  • Addressing gaps in program planning skills, standard after school program policies and procedures, new worker training and orientation and leadership skills
  • Increasing networking opportunities

Our Funders

Funding for the ON After School project was provided by the  Public Health Agency of Canada*. We acknowledge the support of the Province of Ontario.

*The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada

About the Leisure Information Network

Since 1995, LIN has managed a number of online resources for those working in leisure and recreation in Canada with a goal to be recognized as the national knowledge-based digital forum for sharing value-added information regarding individual and community nourishment and well-being through recreation, parks, and healthy living.

Our resources are available at no cost and include:

  • LIN.ca: A one-stop recreation and leisure database offering a huge variety of support and information to those working in recreation and leisure in Canada
  • The National Benefits Hub: A respository of resources designed to support a renewed interest in the &;benefits movement&; and closely tied to the goal of reminding ourselves as well as others – especially decision makers – of the importance of work in the field of recreation and leisure and the important health and community outcomes we deliver
  • NorthernLinks.org: The starting point for First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities to find culturally relevant and physically engaging opportunities recreation program ideas and practical resources

LIN is grateful for the foundational support of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation and the Fitness Program of Health Canada.


The ON After School Project builds on previous work done by the Ontario Collaborative and we thank the following organizations for their contributions: