Past Contributors

The Canadian Active After School Partnership gratefully acknowledges the significant role that following organizations have contributed to CAASP efforts and After School programs in Canada:

Active Healthy Kids Canada LogoActive Healthy Kids Canada

Established in 1994, Active Healthy Kids Canada is a charitable organization that advocates the importance of physical activity for children and youth where they live, learn, and play. Active Healthy Kids Canada strives to be a trusted source for “powering the movement to get kids moving”—a go-to source for knowledge, insight and understanding that influences thinking and action among issue stakeholders to help them build better programs, campaigns and policies in order to increase physical activity among children and youth. In an ongoing effort to advance knowledge to affect change, the annual Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth, a comprehensive assessment of the current state of physical activity among Canadian children and youth is released.



Canadian Fitness and Life Research Institute logoCanadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute

The Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute is a national research agency concerned with advising, educating, and informing Canadians and professionals about the importance of leading healthy, active lifestyles. The Institute was initiated in 1980 in order to provide needed information concerning the physical activity and fitness levels of Canadians from surveys and research studies.

By creating and communicating knowledge about physical activity, its determinants, and its outcomes, the Institute provides the evidence required so that individuals, professionals, and policy makers can take action in improving the lifestyles of Canadians. By doing so, the Institute improves the well-being and the quality of life of Canadians and contributes to resolving health, societal, and economic issues facing Canada.



Green Communities Canada logoGreen Communities Canada

Green Communities Canada is a national network of community-based non-profit organizations that deliver innovative environmental programs and services, with a focus on household and community action, including healthy ecosystems and communities, sustainable resource use, and clean air, water, and soil.

School Travel Planning, an initiative of Green Communities Canada, is part of Active & Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) - a growing movement that promotes and celebrates children’s active school travel in Canada. The ASRTS movement is supported by a large network of Canadian organizations that believe active transportation on the trip to and from school increases health and happiness and creates daily fitness habits for life.

The School Travel Planning (STP) model framework was developed for Canada to strengthen the community stakeholder involvement with the Active & Safe Routes to School program.
STP helps community stakeholders identify barriers to active school travel and develop a written action plan to overcome those barriers. Benefits include increased physical activity, reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, enhanced neighbourhood safety and a greater sense of community.

STP partners across Canada also advocate for changes to relevant processes and policies related to school district, municipal, provincial and federal levels. 



YMCA Canada logoYMCA Canada

The YMCA was established over 160 years ago as a charity dedicated to the health of both individuals and communities. Our focus on inclusiveness and accessibility means we serve people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities through all stages of life. Through YMCA financial assistance programs, the YMCA is accessible to all.

Today, there are 44 YMCAs and 8 YMCA-YWCAs in Canada that offer programs and services tailored to each community's needs. Together, they serve 2 million people in more than 1000 communities across Canada - and they keep growing. All Associations are members of YMCA Canada, which works to strengthen associations and advocates on their behalf, regionally, nationally and internationally.