Activity Mix

Our Activity Mixes are a great way to incorporate seasonal and themed games into your program planning.

Need some creative inspiration? Try a hand at our Word Jumbles or Colouring Pages


Spook-tacular Halloween Mix

Some frightfully fun activities for your program.

Halloween Boooingo
Mummies, Ghosts and Halloween Friends
Pumpkin' Makin' and Creatin'
Halloween's Ghouling Activities
Trick or Treat Tag

TREEmendous Fall Mix!

Tricycle on a leaf-strewn path in the fallTime to celebrate the seaons of crisp leaves, cozy socks and pumpkin spiced everything!

Growing Tree of Beanbags
Fall-ow the Actions
Growing a Tree of Knowledge
Branch Picture Frame



Winter is Coming Mix

The cold weather doesn't have to mean an end to outdoor fun. Here are some hot ideas for cold day play!

Winter Aerobic Olympics
Winter Soccer
Wild Winter Mission Impossible
Wacky Winter Circuit
Winter Moves


Activity Mix: Spring Has Sprung! - Updated!

Shake off those winter blues with these spring-inspired activity ideas!

Nature play video flash cards
Blooming Spring Word Search
Spring Has Sprung!
Walking a Floor/Ground Labyrinth


Activity Mix: Lucky March Ideas!

With our mix of St. Patrick's themes colouring sheets and March Madness activities your participants will be lucky indeed!

Passing Tag 
20 Passes 
Ultimate Basketball 
Find the Pot of Gold Colouring Sheets
Hand Print Four Leaf Clover


Activity Mix: Making it to March Break!

It's time to party! Help usher your participants into the March Break mood with this activity mix!  

  PIÑATA Party
  Water Bottle Party
  ABBA Revival! 
  Rockin' Walkin' Workout
  March Word Search


Activity Mix: Who Doesn't like Pi?

Pi-cycle Did you know March 14 is Pi Day? Hear are some activities to exercise minds and bodies!

Circle Ball 
Leaning Bat in the Circle
Drumming Circle 
Scavenger Hunt Bingo!
 - Just change the theme to circular items


Activity Mix: Heart Healthy Activity Ideas

We hope you LOVE this activity ideas themed on keeping our hearts healthy and happy just in time for Valentine's day!

Healthy Hearts - Get Moving!
Healthy Hearts - Fibre Style
Winter Moves
My Name Means
How to Say Very Good

Summer Lovin Mix!

The Dog Days of Summer aren't over yet, here are some ways to make most of the time we've got left!

Sunshine and Shade
Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag
Water Balloon Fun!
Hawaiian Circuit
Fun in the Sun

Beach Activity Mix!

Even if you aren't at the beach, these beach ball games will be sure to please!

Water Bottle Party
Off to the Beach
Beach Ball Bop
Ultimate Beach ball
Beach ball Battleship 


Activity Mix: Oh Canada!

Celebrate Canada we these activities sure to get the party started!

Canada Day Activity Sheets
Musical Chairs  
Dance Circuit  
Celebration Circuit 



Activity Mix: World Cup Fever!

The beautiful game offers a lovely way to get outside and play!

Weave, and Pass, and Defend, Oh My! 
Pass Through the Cones  
Multiple Ball Soccer 
Backwards Net Soccer  
Beanbag Soccer Tag
Soccer Treasure Swap
Mini Soccer Course 

Activity Mix: Summer's Coming!

Summertime's coming! Here's an activity mix to get your participants set for the sunny days!

Sunshine and Shade
Beach Adventure
Sunny Days
Sun Safety Crossword


Activity Mix: Nature Play Day

Get out into the great outdoors with these activity classics in honour of Nature Play Day June 15!

Spelling Hopscotch
Capture the Flag
Multiple Ball Soccer
Rainy Day Idea: Word Jumbles 


Activity Mix: Aboriginal Awareness Week 2014

Celebrate Aboriginal Awareness Week May 17-21

Building an Inukshuk
Pebble Patterns
Keeper of the Fire
Make the Stick Jump
Bowl Toss Game
Find more great resources on our Northern Links site!

Thanksgiving Activity Mix!

A few holiday inspired activities and a chance to say thanks for good friends and good food.

Turkey Handpring Tail
Friendship Quilt
Turkey Time


Activity Mix: "Egg"cellent Activities!

These activities will get you hopping!

All about Eggs - Dyeing Eggs
Be Eggs-tra Careful!
Rabbit in the Hole
April Colouring Pages

Back to School Mix!

Fight the September blues with these fun ideas!

Bingo Icebreaker
Tennis Ball Spelling Bee
Spelling Hopscotch 
Summer Break Memories