Branch Picture Frame

Basic Activity Info

Activity Type: 

  • Creative Art
Age Group: 
6-9 yrs
9-12 yrs
Time Requirement: 

Group Size: 

  • Individual
  • Large Group
  • Medium Group
  • Small Group

Play Area: 

  • Classroom (small indoor space)
  • Outdoor - Field

Participants decorate and create their very own picture frame.


4 Branches per participant (all around the same length), or use popsicle sticks
Twine (optional)
Hot Glue Gun
Other arts and crafts material 

Set Up: 

Have the materials prepared for participants.
As the participants are making a picture frame, having a picture is important. Participants can bring a picture before they do this activity, or bring it home and then put one in and glue the picture to the piece of cardboard at home.

Step by Step: 
  1. Participants can go outside and look for four sticks/branches that are all around 5-8 inches long. (Participants could also use popsicle sticks instead of branches). 
  2. Participants will bring their four sticks inside.
  3. Use the four sticks to make a square that is big enough for a picture to fit inside.
  4. Use twine to tie all 4 corners together, or use a hot glue gun (the leader may have to do this part) to glue the corners together. 
  5. Participants can decorate the picture frame (branches) using arts and crafts material, or objects from the outdoors, or anything they else they wish to use. 
  6. Participants or leaders, will cut out a piece of cardboard that is the same size as the inner part picture frame.
  7. If participants have their picture with them, they will glue the picture onto the piece of cardboard. 
  8. If they do not have their picture, they can bring the picture frame and piece of cardboard home, and glue the picture on at home. 
  9. Using a hot glue gun, glue the back of the picture frame to the piece of cardboard. Let it dry. 
  10. Put twine or rope at the back of the picture frame so that it can be hung up. Or using cardboard, create a stand for the back of the picture frame. 
  11. Allow participants to make more than one of these picture frames. 
Safety Considerations: 

For younger participants, have the leader use the hot glue gun.
Ensure leaders can see all participants when outdoors looking for sticks/branches.

Adaptations (General): 

Use popsicle sticks instead of sticks from the outdoors. Participants can decorate the popsicle sticks using markers, pompoms and other arts and crafts materials. 
Use felt paper instead of cardboard.
Have participants draw a picture of their family or of something else, and they put that picture in the picture frame instead of a real picture. 


Developed for the Leisure Information Network.