Thanksgiving Turkey's Hand Print Tail

Basic Activity Info

Activity Type: 

  • Creative Art
Age Group: 
6-9 yrs
9-12 yrs
Time Requirement: 

Group Size: 

  • Individual
  • Large Group
  • Medium Group
  • Small Group

Play Area: 

  • Classroom (small indoor space)

Participants will create their own turkey and use their hand prints, and other participants' hand prints to create the turkey's tail.


Construction paper (red, yellow, orange, brown)
Googly eyes (optional)
Paper plates and brown paint (optional)

Set Up: 

Have the materials prepared for participants to create their Thanksgiving turkeys.

Step by Step: 
  1. Participants are going to create their own Thanksgiving turkey with hands prints acting as the feathers and tail.
  2. Participants will cut out a big circle (or oval) to represent the turkey's body (ideally from brown construction paper). Or participants use a paper plate and paint/colour it in brown.
  3. Participant can draw eyes (or use googly eyes), an upside down triangle for the beak (or use yellow or orange construction paper), and a red snood (the red dangling part of a turkey that starts just above or below the beak).
  4. Using the red, yellow, and orange construction paper, participants will trace their hands (which will become the tail feathers).
  5. They will carefully cut out their hand and then glue them to the back of their turkey's body so the fingers are sticking out.
  6. Participants will trace and cut out many of their handprints.
  7. Participants are going to work together and help each other by providing their handprints for other participant's turkeys.
  8. Each participant is only allowed to put two handprints of their own on their turkey (one left hand and one right hand).
  9. They have to get the rest of the handprints from other participants.
  10. Participants can write their name on the back of each of their handprints. Then, each participant can look at the back of their turkey to see how many participants helped them make the tail of their turkey.
  11. Participants could write things they are thankful for on different fingers and hands of their turkey's tail.
Safety Considerations: 

Remind participants of scissor safety.

Adaptations (General): 

The leader could make a big turkey's torso, and each participant will trace and cut out one or two of their handprints. Each participant will write things they are thankful for on all or some of their handprint's fingers. All of the handprints will be glued on the turkey's torso to make the group's turkey.


Developed for the Leisure Information Network