Ultimate Basketball

Basic Activity Info

Activity Type: 

  • Physical
Age Group: 
9-12 yrs
13+ yrs
Time Requirement: 

Group Size: 

  • Large Group
  • Medium Group

Play Area: 

  • Gymnasium (large indoor space)

Fundamental Skills: 

  • Catch
  • Run
  • Throw
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Participants practice their basketball skills in a fun game.
Other Skills:



Set Up: 

Divide the group in 2 equal teams.

Step by Step: 
  1. This game is played with the same rules as Ultimate Frisbee.
  2. Use a standard basketball court with room after the baseline as the 'end zone', marked with pylons.
  3. One team passes without dribbling towards the other teams' end zone.
  4. If they are able to receive the ball with two feet across the end zone line they get a point. If participants travel or turn the ball over, the other team takes over attacking the opposite end zone.
  5. If a team scores they turn and throw the ball towards the other end zone, the defence chases the ball and attacks the same end zone the point was just scored on (this is the only time teams switch directions).
  6. Participants must focus on making good passes and moving to get open without the ball to be successful in this game.
  7. Participants are only allowed to hold onto the ball for 10 seconds, then they have to pass.


Safety Considerations: 

Ensure the area is free of hazards and obstacles.
Remind participants to keep their heads and eyes up, and be aware of the walls around the gym and to slow down when they get close to one. 


Could play this with a Frisbee or football as well, with the same rules.
Allow the participants to dribble twice before they have to stop and pass.

Adaptations (General): 

Instead of two feet crossing the end zone, change the rule so that the entire person must cross the line. 

Adaptations (Mobility Impairment): 
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Have participants with a mobility limitation pair up, and have them place the basketball on their laps.


Ontario Basketball Association. For more information, visit www.basketball.on.ca