Would You Rather...

Basic Activity Info

Activity Type: 

  • Transition
Age Group: 
6-9 yrs
9-12 yrs
13+ yrs
Time Requirement: 

Group Size: 

  • Large Group
  • Medium Group
  • Small Group

Play Area: 

  • Classroom (small indoor space)
  • Gymnasium (large indoor space)

Fundamental Skills: 

  • Walk

The leader or participant reads out two options, and participants have to choose which option they would choose.


Sheet with "Would You Rather" categories (please see attached document for an example of questions).

Set Up: 

Have the list of questions prepared (please see the attached document for examples of questions).
Could have it on a computer/PowerPoint presentation and go through the different questions.
Designate one area in the room/area to be the first option (A), or the second option (B), and maybe also a, "I'm not sure" section.

Step by Step: 
  1. This activity will help participants get to know one another better and allow participants to answer fun, hypothetical questions.
  2. The leader will read out a "Would you rather" question and give the two options.
  3. If participants would select the first option (A), they stand in that section of the room. If they select the second option (B), they stand in that section of the room. If they really cannot decide between the two, then they stand in the "I'm not sure" section.
  4. Allow groups a chance to communicate with each other on why they chose the option they chose.
  5. Then, allow a few participants to speak to the full class about why they chose the option they chose.
  6. Read a new question and participants will go to those designated areas. 
  7. Allow participants to create some questions.
Adaptations (General): 

Have each participant create 1-3 questions for "Would You Rather" and use those questions.
Don't have participants go to a certain area, have them put up 1 finger or 2 fingers, put up 1 hand or 2 hands and so on.


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