After School Mental Health Initiatives Environmental Scan

The Canadian Active After School Partnership (CAASP) is a collaborative of six national organizations working to enhance the delivery of quality active after school programs, with the ultimate goal of increasing physical activity and healthy eating practices to improve the health of Canada’s children and youth.

With funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, part of CAASP’s activities in 2012-2014 focus on mental health and participation in active after school programs (other priorities include community mentoring, parent engagement, and pilot programs targeting Aboriginal children and youth).

CAASP is initiating a project to educate after school program leaders and decision-makers about promoting mental health for all children and youth, specifically highlighting the link between mental health and participation in quality active after school programs.  The project will also provide targeted information for specific populations including girls and young women, Aboriginal children and youth, and children and youth with disabilities.  

A short survey has been created as part of an environmental scan to identify mental health initiatives within the after school time period being led by community, provincial/territorial and national organizations.

To complete the online survey .
To complete the survey via an MS Word document, .

The deadline to complete the survey is July 3, 2013.

For more information about this project contact:
Dr. Michel Larivière and Caleb Leduc, Project Leads