Parents/ Guardians

Here you will find information and materials to share with parents interested in finding out more about quality after-school programming

Parents/Guardians are key stakeholders in respect to after school activities and are the decision makers for the types of programs for which they enrol their children. 

Useful Resources

Evaluating Summer Camps

Sample forms for evaluating successful summer camp experiences

A Focus on Outdoor Play

Push2Play For An Hour a Day Playbook
Provides running, jumping, climbing and playing activity ideas with instructions on how to play, safety tips and adaptations for children with disabilities. Thirty active games to play with children including safety tips and adaptations.

What grandparents, parents, and kids say about play!
The experiences and perceptions of children’s active free play has changed over the generations. This Wellspring article describes finds from inter-generational interviews and provides some suggestions on how to facilitate active free play today.

Get Hooked on Nature - A TEDxTalk
Twelve-minute video talk by Ben Klasky, CEO of IslandWood, a 255-acre outdoor learning. Kids now are getting less and less time outdoors, despite the mental and physical health benefits. 


Downloadable Reports

The Quality Active After School Experience: Considerations for Parents / Guardians

The after school time period, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm, is an important opportunity to increase physical activity amongst children and youth. Every day after school, each child in Canada participates in the ‘after school experience’. The quality of this experience varies greatly depending on the nature of that experience. Parents/Guardians can support their children in leading healthy active lives by encouraging their participation in quality active after school programs (QAASP) that will enhance their well-being, and their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.