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After school programming can be challenging. Use these online tools to map out your daily program and select from a variety of activities. You can use create a program plan to get started, then learn about activity types and finish off with expert tips and tricks.

An introduction

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Who should use these?

As a coordinator or front line staff of an after school program these tools will provide you with key pieces to creating a daily program plan.

What will you need?

First, to access these tools you will need an internet connection. How you connect is up to you, perhaps a computer, mobile device or tablet. You may also want to print you program plans so have a printer handy. That's it!

Where should you be?

You are always just a click away. The daily and weekly program plan templates and activity database are all hosted on the website. This makes it easy and safe to access from home, work and school.

When should you use these?

These online tools are here for you anytime you need them. Let's say you're running an activity and it goes horribly wrong— no worries, just click into the activity database and get a new one. Maybe your dog Ralph ate your week’s worth or program plans — just click on a template, select your activities,  cut and paste the information and print off or save to your computer or smart device.

Why should you use these?

Our goal is to support you (the program staff). It can be difficult to stay fresh and fun all school year. Trying to find activities can be a struggle. Knowing how to effectively structure a program is no walk in the park. That's why these tools are here. Let us help you stress less and play more. By using these tools, you'll worry less about planning and spend more time enjoying your work.

The end result.

Once you have completed all the steps, you can create a complete program plan designed specifically for your participants.