Create a Program Plan

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Want more info on planning safe, fun programs? Try: Ophea Safety Guidelines | Active for Life Physical Literacy | PHE Canada: After School Safety

Step 1: Download Your Program Plan Template
Step 2: Planning to Program Plan
Step 3: Explore Different Types of Activities
Step 4: Select Your Activities

Step 1: Download Your Program Plan Template

Download and save a copy of the daily and weekly program plan. The templates are writable PDF documents so type your information right on the sheets as you move along the planning process. Don't forget to save!

Step 2: Planning to Program Plan

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Download as PDF

Step 3: Explore Different Types of Activities

Learn the what, when, why, who and how of the different activities in an after school program. 

Explore After School Activity Types

Step 4: Select Your Activities


Now choose from a variety of activity categories. Remember to adapt these based on your participants and resources. Overall have fun! Search the activities database for great ideas for children and youth!

Select After School Activities