Artrageous Minds - The Power of Positive Life Skills After School Program

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Program Description

Proven, structured, drawing program nurtures self-confidence, problem-solving & teamwork. Superior quality artwork results from "thinking outside the box" & mastering artist-quality materials.   It really is FUN and easy to draw!

Artrageous Minds communicates powerful life skills through a proven, learn-to-draw program which is FUN and produces great results..

Artrageous Minds invites students to explore their creative sides -- "right-brain thinking" -- by learning to draw. Drawing after all is the basis of most artistic endeavors ("If I can draw it, then I can paint it, and sculpt it, and . . . ")

Students who enjoy drawing learn new tricks for creating original, representational art. Students who doubt their ability to draw learn how fun and easy it really is.

Artrageous Minds - ENRICHING LIVES !

Impact of program

Up to 120 students participate in Artrageous Minds weekly - Wow! If you have an artsy child, consider registering for an after-school or evening program offered by Artrageous Minds. Artrageous Minds has been providing its unique, confidence-boosting, structured drawing program to children K-Grade 6 in Regina and area for the past 11 years.

Key elements towards success

Certified instructors create a relaxed and inspiring setting for delivering Artrageous Minds' simple-yet-proven instruction method. Participants learn to see with "smart eyes" or "artist's eyes" -- seeing the world around them in a different way. Students learn to pay attention to the little details, train their eyes and hands to work in tandem, and approach challenges with a sense of adventure.Artrageous Minds is about making choices and the freedom to change those choices. There's really no right or wrong way to do art and there's really no right or wrong way to do life -- just choices.

Challenges to meet them

Artrageous Minds encourages drawing for the simple pleasure of it by establishing a climate of safety and support. Children who otherwise may not gravitate to drawing and art soon learn to love doing it, and untapped talent often emerges.Students learn to draw quickly, producing new energy and confidence for learning in other areas and subjects. A variety of artist-quality materials and fresh curriculum are introduced, ensuring an exciting and fun experience from class to class, and from program to program.