Circle Project Children's Centre Afterschool

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Program Description

The Circle Project Children's Centre is a unique facility that was specifically designed for children. We offer a safe, happy and enriching environment where children are viewed as resourceful, competent people.

The Centre is a fully subsidized childcare licensed by the Child Care Division of Saskatchewan Community Resources and Employment. We can accommodate 65 children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years on a daily basis. Ten of our spaces are available to provide respite daycare services for parents attending treatment programs, requiring temporary respite or in a crisis situation.

We are also a KidsFirst site and have ten spaces designated for that program. We are open Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Children attending our program are provided with a nutritious breakfast, hot lunch and an afternoon snack. We also transport children to and from schools in the immediate area of our Centre.

To assist the program participants in their personal growth and healthy lifestyles, individuals had the opportunity to participate in personal, educational, social and cultural activities. These activities included guest speakers, educational tours and recreation activities. Program participants attended tours at the University of Regina, SIAST, SUNTEP, FNUC, Royal Saskatchewan
Museum, and the Mackenzie Art Gallery. Participants also attended Career Fairs at Conexus Arts Centre, University of Regina and Stepping Stones.

To promote healthy balance and as a positive way to relieve stress, participants had the opportunity on Friday afternoons to partake in afternoon recreational activities which included walks in Wascana Park, mini-golf, playing pool, bowling, games
and movies. Unfortunately, the karaoke afternoon did not produce any Canadian Idols … maybe next year!

For further information, contact Bonnie Day at 569-3988.


Circle Project Assoc. Inc.

Strategies for sustainability

We are a non-profit charity.

Impact of program

Today's Circle Project Assoc. Inc. is an urban based, Aboriginal organization that provides programs and services in Regina and surrounding areas. Although our program participants are both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, our main focus is working with Aboriginal people in a community based setting. The Council (Board of Directors) maintains an Aboriginal majority as part of the mandate.

Key elements towards success

"The Circle Project provides support and programs based on the Aboriginal vision of wholeness, balance and healing. By promoting positive human development, we encourage people to help themselves through education, cultural awareness, family and community."

Challenges to meet them

Our approach to the social problems faced by many in our community is a holistic one. A person must develop mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of programs designed to help an individual overcome challenges, become physically healthier, regain pride, build self-esteem and grow spiritually.

The Circle Project offers a wide variety of self-development programs and counseling services within a cultural framework that has proven comfortable and acceptable for Aboriginal people. Any person who desires assistance is welcome. Traditional people have been a fundamental part of our organization from the beginning and they provide guidance to us generally, as well as
working with individuals who need their help.


Length & stage of project

The Circle Project has been operating since 1988. Programs and services are delivered through an integrated program model, which was developed by the Circle Project in 1997.