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Program Description

Dirt Divas is going to be a ridiculously fun & creative After School Program for girls in grades 7 & 8!!! Featuring Mountain Biking and Videography this Adventure Program is brought to you this spring thanks to a collaboration between Recreation Departments in Canning, New Minas, Wolfville, and Trips For Kids (Annapolis Valley Mountain Bike Association). We’ve lined up exceptional leadership with certified cycling coach, Michelle Marcinkiewicz of TrailFlow and professional videographer, Kim Smith of Movie Games.

We are able to take up to 18 girls in this 10 week pilot program, so we expect that there will be lots of girls who will be waiting in the wings for their opportunity to get involved. If selected you will be part of a groundbreaking approach to after school programming for girls your age and can play a big part in what happens next. What do we mean by that? Well, that will be up to this first group of Dirt Divas. Chances are pretty good that you will want to keep on biking and filming beyond the 10 weeks so we’ll be looking to this first group to lead the way.

So how are we going to select only 18 girls from 3 communities? Yikes! That’s going to be hard to do, so we’re asking for any girl in grades 7 & 8 to think about how curious they are about:

* riding a bike
* creating videos
* photo journalism
* outdoor adventure
* healthy lifestyles


New Minas Recreation Department

Key elements towards success

One thing we know for sure is we aren’t looking for the most experienced and athletically experienced. What will impress us more will be enthusiasm, interest, and commitment. We have amzing good quality bikes, helmets and cameras to work with and transportation will be provided so there are no fees- this program is for anybody who is interested- If you have the heart to try we want you there!

Length & stage of project