Little Mountain Out of School Care (LMOSC)

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Program Description

LMNHS provides a safe, happy, healthy environment for children, parents, and staff.  Inspiring tomorrows leaders.  Our Child Care centres are all licensed with qualified staff who work effortlessly to meet and comply with the Child Care Licensing Regulations set out by the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.  We provide enriched programs that run all year round.  Offering care to children, and families in our community.

We promote and encourage your child to express themselves and to have fun in a safe & welcoming environment. Your child will have the opportunity to join in and develop their social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional skills. LMOSC is a licensed daycare. We offer clubs such as: EnviroKids, Baking, Pet Club, Running Club, Constructs Club, Homework Club, Leaders Group and many more opportunities to learn new skills and build friendships. The staff at LMOSC provide a family friendly program that is active and full of new and creative ideas to create an engaging and enriching environment for the children of LMOSC.

Who it’s for: Children ages 5-12 years old (kindergarten-grade 7)

When: Monday-Friday, 7:30am-9:00am & 3:00pm-6:00pm school year
Pro-d days, district closure, spring break & summer care: 7:30am-6:00pm (excluding statutory holidays)

Where: McBride Elementary School and McBride Annex (1300 E.29th Ave)


Little Mountain Neighbourhood House

Strategies for sustainability

Little Mountain Neighbourhood House provides necessary educational, cultural, recreational, and social services for the community of the Little Mountain and Riley Park area. We encourage active participation and proactivity as we strive towards the development of a healthier community.

Impact of program

 The programs and initiatives that have emerged from our work in the community have, in some cases gone on to become established, recognized programs adopted by governments, and other organizations.

On occasion our solutions have been adopted to serve as models for other providers, and other constituencies far beyond our neighbourhood.  In some cases, Little Mountain Neighbourhood House has created vital programming such as the Special Services to Children and Families, and Settlement and Adaptation Programs are in line with the strategic direction of the Provincial Government and the City.

In other cases, programs in our Early Years and Children & Youth departments are direct results of gaps that are identified in the Little Mountain Neighbourhood Community and at Board and Staff Strategic Planning sessions and community consultations.

Key elements towards success

The following statements are principles that LMNHS will strive to meet in all its operations:

Human Rights, Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion, Community- Based Approach, Client-Centered Approach, Community Development, Advocacy, Collaboration, Partnership and Coordination, Ethical Business Practices, Equity of Outcomes, Volunteer.s
Challenges to meet them

A group of committed volunteers and three staff members began the challenging task of identifying and responding to a spectrum of local, regional and national issues as they were then experienced by our residents of our own neighbourhood.  Like all neighbourhood houses, we were then and still are a grass roots volunteer –driven organization.

Length & stage of project

In 1978, Little Mountain Neighbourhood House opened its doors in a local storefront.