New Brunswick After School Hours Initiatives or Activities Grant

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Program Description

Programs must clearly identify opportunities in ALL 4 components as outlined in the After School Hours Guidelines: 

1. Physical activity 
2. Healthy Eating 
3. Community Strengths 
4. School Work/Homework 

Programs must clearly identify partners and build on community assets 

Only one application per organization will be accepted 

If there is an enhancement in the initiative and the activity report has been submitted, a second grant may be given to the same organization. 

Priority will be given to applicants who have not received any previous funding for an After School Hours Program 

Initiatives approved for a grant will be asked to submit an activity report within 3 months of receiving the grant or upon completion of the initiative. 

Ineligible expenses: 

• Overhead or day to day operating costs for the organization(e.g.,salary/wages, rent) 
• Capital expenditures 
• Fundraising or charity events 

If you are unsure if a specific expense is eligible or ineligible, please ask for clarification prior to submitting your application 

Deadline for application August 22, 2014.


New Brunswick, Government

Strategies for sustainability

New Brunswick enjoys the support of many groups and organizations that share the Wellness Strategy’s vision of healthy New Brunswick where, together, we learn, work and live in a culture of wellbeing. These organizations participate actively in promoting wellness.
The NB Wellness Strategy is designed to accelerate progress on wellness in New Brunswick
( It supports actions in schools, communities, homes and workplaces. Actions
relate to partnerships and collaboration, building capacity for community development, promoting healthy lifestyles, developing and supporting healthy policies, and wellness-related surveillance, evaluation and research.
Many communities, organizations and individuals are already working hard to make a difference, to make New Brunswick stronger and healthier. The After School Hours Grant Program supports organizations to increase physical activity and healthy eating, strengthen community connections and support innovative homework and learning opportunities in New Brunswick.

Key elements towards success

The department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities has been established to promote healthy living and integrate a number of socially oriented policies, programs and services. In addition to overseeing sport and wellness programming, the Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities will work in partnership with the non-profit sector and stakeholders to better address the needs of seniors, young people, people living in poverty and persons with disabilities.

Challenges to meet them

To be considered for funding, programs (eg. community groups and/or organizations, daycares, recreational organizations) must demonstrate after school opportunities for school aged children (5-17 years old) including children with disabilities with a minimum of 3 days per week and a minimum of 2 hours per day during the priority time frame of 3pm – 6pm.All programs must follow the After School Hours Guidelines provided

Length & stage of project