PROPS (Peers Running Organized Play Stations)

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Program Description

The PROPS document has been written in response to teachers requests for a quick reference guide to games and activities that would keep students occupied in an active way during their time out on the playground (recesses, lunch, before and after school). Research indicates that childhood obesity and inactivity are highly prevalent in today’s youth. At the same time school communities are experiencing an increase in inappropriate aggressive behaviors, in particular, bullying. Schools who have implemented the PROPS program this year are experiencing positive reactions from the children and staff, with an impact on decreasing behaviour problems on the days PROPS is run. PROPS incorporates training for peer leaders in the areas of leadership, communication, conflict resolution, safety and the playground activities and games. To assist us in the production of our games, posters are used with the implementation guide to make the program come alive for students. There are 18 posters per set that can be used in physical education classes and on the playground. They are approximately 19”x24”, laminated on 45 point board. Our intent is to provide 1 set per school in Durham Region, as well as extra sets that can be used by community groups such as Sparks, Scouts, Brownies, and children’s church groups.


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Key elements towards success

Each school will implement PROPS: In a way that suits the needs of their school community and with consideration for the number of days each week and the times during the day (recess/lunch) that the program will run at their school.