1) Encouraging the Development of Key Life Skills in Elementary School Age Children: A Literature Review and Recommendations, 2) Essential Self Management Skills: Summary of Research

Child Trends has prepared two reports identifying skills that are central to a child's development and that they need to succeed in the elementary school years and beyond. The four skills identified are: 1) Self Control; 2) Persistance; 3) Mastery Orientation: and 4) Academic Self-Efiicacy.

In doing the research, recommendations were based on the criteria that: "Evidence that both community-based out-of-school time programs and in-school programs could measurably improve children’s skill in that area;" and, "Evidence either that use of the skill contributed to important childhood outcomes that predict later success in adolescence or adulthood OR that the skill itself is important in helping adolescents and adults navigate their lives.

The summary concludes by saying that "Programs that incorporate these strategies and focus consciously on helping children develop these essential self-management skills will be well positioned to have a positive impact on children’s social, behavioral and academic outcomes in the elementary school years and beyond."

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Child Trends