After School Safety Check: Free Online Resources

PHE Canada, alongside OpheaCanadian Parks and Recreation AssociationActive Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability and High Five, as a part of the Active and Safe After School Initiative, have developed resources and tools that help reduce the prevalence of physical injuries that occur during after school programs.  The After School Safety Check resources build leader awareness and capacity of injury prevention helping them understand risk, become aware of good practices and knowledgeable of critical steps to safety/injury prevention.

The After School Safety Check educates leaders on how to avoid, communicate and effectively respond to incidences of injury in sport and recreation activities taking place during after school programs. Additionally, the initiative integrates tools and resources specific to safety/injury prevention in relation to sport and physical activity participation.

The four resources are: Activity Plans; Activity Checklists; Parent Checklists; and, Resources.

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Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada)