Canadian Injury Prevention Resource: An evidence-informed guide to injury prevention in Canada

The Canadian Injury Prevention Resource is the result of the vision and collaboration of the Canadian Collaborating Centres on Injury Prevention (CCCIP) network and its members, and is made possible by the valuable support and financial resources of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The Canadian Injury Prevention Resource (CIPR) is a comprehensive, timely, and evidence-based overview of injury prevention in Canada. The Resource has over 500 pages of content from over 60 contributing authors reflecting the Canadian experience around injury prevention, and aims to provide both individuals and Injury Prevention (IP) practitioners with basic understanding of the area. The evidence-informed content is intended to promote effective initiatives throughout the IP field and builds upon Canadian context using Canadian materials, examples, statistics and case studies.

The resource is divided into the following four sections:

  • Section 1: Introduces injury prevention in the Canadian Context
  • Section 2: Provides information on the Canadian Evidence-informed Practice model and the Public Health approach to Injury prevention
  • Section 3: Takes a deeper dive into the Determinants of Injury
  • Section 4: Addresses specific injury topics relevant to the Canadian landscape
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