Child Safety Good Practice Guide

This guide is divided into four sections to help injury stakeholders promote good practice in planning and implementing strategies to address child injury.

SECTION 1: Introduces the concept of good practice and discusses general approaches for policy and programs in the areas of child injury prevention and safety promotion.
SECTION 2: Provides a series of ‘at-a-glance’ tables that identify effective strategies (current good practice) in the following areas of child injury prevention and safety promotion:

  • passenger safety
  • pedestrian safety
  • cyclist safety
  • water safety
  • fall prevention
  • burn and scald prevention
  • poisoning prevention
  • choking/strangulation prevention
  • general home safety
  • general community-based injury prevention
  • activities in the area of system leadership, infrastructure and capacity.

SECTION 3: Provides information about where in the planning cycle information on good practice can be applied and about selecting and transferring good practice from one setting to another. The importance of advocating for, building and maintaining, a culture of good practice is described and stressed.
SECTION 4: Describes in detail the methods used for developing case studies.

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