Concussion Protocol and Tools - Ontario Physical Education Guidelines

OPHEA has revised their Concussion Protocols as part of the Ontario Physical Education Guidelines. Although targeted at elementary and secondary schools, most of the guidance can apply to any organization involved in physical activity with children/youth. This information will help various stakeholders implement concussion policies and/or procedures.

The concussion packages below contain an excerpt from the Generic section as well as the entirety of Appendices C-1 (Concussion Management Procedures: Return to Learn and Return to Physical Activity), C-2 (Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion), C-3 (Documentation of Medical Examination), and C-4 (Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion – Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity Plan) of the Safety Guidelines.

Concussion modules:

  • Elementary - Curricular
  • Elementary – Interschool
  • Elementary – Intramural
  • Secondary - Curricular
  • Secondary - Interschool
  • Secondary – Intramural

The concussion protocol was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the ThinkFirst Concussion Education and Awareness Committee, and the Recognition and Awareness Working Group of the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion Strategy.

Publication Date: 
Ophea (formerly Ontario Physical and Health Education Association)