Eat Smart! Ontario

Initiated in 1997, the overall goal of the Eat Smart!® program is to contribute to the reduction of food-borne illness and chronic diseases in Ontario. Resources include 1) an EatSmart Choices Calculator; and support for 2) EatSmart Schools, 3) EatSmart Workplaces, and 4) EatSmart Recreation Centres.

Eat Smart!® is implemented locally by Ontario public health units and their community partners. Interested food premises apply to the program and are assessed by the public health unit to determine eligibility. Food premises that meet the three program standards receive the Eat Smart!® Award of Excellence and are listed on the Eat Smart!® website. Additional promotions are determined locally.

Healthy eating, avoiding food borne illness and a smoke-free environment are three of the most important lifestyle factors that help to promote optimal health. These three factors are what Eat Smart!® is all about.

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Ontario Public Health Association