A Guide to Objectively Measuring Physical Activity in Afterschool Programs

The purpose of this protocol is to provide afterschool programmers with pedometer use guidelines to objectively measure if their program participants are achieving the current physical activity recommendations. These recommendations suggest that children and youth should engage in approximately 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, or at least 4600 steps per day during the afterschool time period. This protocol will help afterschool program staff evaluate how closely program participants achieve these recommendations.

This protocol was developed for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Nova Scotia with the financial support of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Department of Health and Wellness.

Protocol developed by: Sherry Jarvis, Jessie-Lee McIsaac, Sara Kirk, and Mike Arthur

Note: A Word version is attached for any users who would like to adapt portions, such as the Consent Form, for use in their program.

Publication Date: 
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia