LET THEM PLAY: Lessons in After School Prog Quality / How Physical Activity Develops in Children / Girls Programs Worth It / Trailblazing Outdoor Play

Let Them Play - Lessons in After School Program Quality Through the RBC Learn to Play Project in Kings County Nova Scotia, is part of a year-long Leadership Project undertaken by the Kings County Recreation Group, with funding support from RBC, the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, the Province of Nova Scotia, Sport Nova Scotia and the Municipality of the County of Kings.

The project uncovered insights on how to structure a successful after school program and on the types of programs that work well for engaging children in physical activity, and provides recommendations for funding and policies related to after school programs going forward.

The Let Them Play - Insight into How Physical Literacy Develops in Children article by Emily LeGrand provides insight gathered from the project.

The Girls-Only Physical Activity Programs Are Worth It! article by Emily LeGrand uncovers the value of providing girls-only physical activity after school programs for all age levels.

Trailblazing Outdoor Play Through Leader Mentorship and Community Outreach (2016) looks at lessons learned in Parts I and II, and describes three core functions: 1) explores a model of how to promote and expand outdoor nature play; 2) provides another opportunity to explore and demonstrate the impact of the mentoring approach on leader development; and 3) provides a way to demonstrate and train leaders in a more trusting and respectful way of working with children.

Report authors: Emily LeGrand, Joseph Memet and Steve Raftery

Articles and Trailblazing report author: Emily LeGrand

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