Physical Literacy and Injury Prevention: Equipping Staff to Understand the Link

Co-presenters: LJ Bartle, National Director, HIGH FIVE, Parks and Recreation Ontario, and Brandy Tanenbaum, Program Coordinator, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, RBC First Office for Injury Prevention

Physical literacy and injury prevention are essential for ensuring children’s safety. Physical literacy gives kids the fundamental movement skills and confidence to be active all their lives. Injury prevention strategies create safer environments. Do recreation leaders understand the link between these terms? Can they put the concepts into practice? In a collaborative study, HIGH FIVE and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre sought to answer these questions. The study’s results will influence future education efforts. Explains how collaborative, cross-sector information sharing and evaluation could improve children’s safety in your community. 

A presentation from the 2014 Parks and Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and Trade Show.

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