Physical Literacy Program: Instructor Manual

From Introduction to the Manual

Purpose of the Manual: This manual provides instructors with the tools and knowledge required to teach physical literacy programs to children in Richmond.
Goal of the Physical Literacy Program: Every child in Richmond from the ages of 2 to 12 years old will have the opportunity to develop both games literacy and physical literacy.
Physical Literacy Definition: Physical literacy is the development of fundamental movement skills that allow any person to be active for life in individual games, team games, sports and activities. Physical defines your body and basic skills movement and literacy defines the tools and education needed to learn, grow and develop these physical skills.
Physical Literacy Programs Overview
Active Start Parent and Tot (2–3 year olds)
Active Start Preschoolers (4–5 year olds)
Fundamentals of Movement (6–9 year olds)
Learn to Train (10–12 year olds)

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Richmond, City