Physical Literacy Toolkits - Recess / Grades 3-12

The Recess Toolkit will provide a resource to aid schools in making recess a safe and active play time, during which the physical literacy of children can develop. This resource highlights best practice methods including games and equipment, indoor and outdoor recess, as well as considerations for administrators, parents, teachers and PE teachers.

The Grades 3-12 toolkit is designed to enhance a child’s movement repertoire by increasing the number of skills they are competent in, as well as increasing their overall proficiency level in a fun setting. This kit will provide “multi-station circuit training” examples that can be easily implemented in the gymnasium setting. Repetition based learning in a fun setting will be the basis of the circuit design. Examples for grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 will be provided and aligned to curricular objectives, and consistent with long term participant development principles.

Both toolkits are available in English and French

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Manitoba In Motion