Quest 1 Training and Quality Indicators - Supervision and Safety

HIGH FIVE QUEST 1 online training and its Assessment Tool enables managers in an organization to easily review adherence to existing policies and identify the need for new or enhanced policies and procedures. Comprehensive templates (e.g., Safe Arrival Procedures and Procedures for the Release of Children to Parents/Legal Guardians/Caregivers) give your organization practical ways to mitigate and manage risk, reduce cost of operations and benefit from returning staff and participants.

Two sample guidelines are attached.

  • Quality Indicator 2.1.6 looks to ensure that "A system is in place for the safe release of children to adults other than the designated parent/legal guardian. Child custody arrangements related to the release of children from the program are documented and monitored."
  • Quality Indicator 2.1.7 looks to ensure that "A system is in place to monitor the safe arrival of children and dictates that at the very least, in the case of a full day program, the parent/legal guardian/caregiver should be contacted when a child does not arrive as expected."
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