Risky Play: Are We Raising Resilient Children? / From an injury prevention perspective

Co-Presenters: Brandy Tanenbaum and Sarah Gallsworthy, Program Coordinators, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Each year, more Canadian children are injured falling out of their beds than falling out of a tree, yet we hear no call to ban bedroom furniture. By cocooning children indoors, over-programming them and leaving no time for free play and discovery, in one generation we have managed to eliminate the ability for children to negotiate their environment, make mistakes, learn and develop lifelong skills including resilience. What happens when young people have not learned to fall, to fail, to make mistakes, or to experience risk at their own skill level? When confronting choices around drugs and alcohol, driving, and partying, are these teenagers equipped to make the responsible choice?

This session presents the latest research and best practices on risky play, and introduces Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre’s P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program and Play Safe Initiative, which supports risky play as a means to create resilient youth and healthy adults.

Part 1: Are We Raising Resilient Children? Part 2: From an injury prevention perspective

A presentation from the 2016 Parks and Recreation Ontario ONference After School Knowledge Exchange

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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre