In This Together: Rediscovering the Potential of Play in Natural Spaces / Quantitative Summary

This is a summary of an 18-month project that was carried out as a result of a partnership between the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association and research partners in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta. The information is a collective presentation of the discoveries made throughout the duration of the project.

The purpose: The project aimed to explore the provision of nature play opportunities for children in Alberta during the after school hours.

The research: Qualitative research was done to understand the issue in more depth and complement an initial quantitative survey. The information in this report is an amalgamation of the learning that derived from the conversation café at the ARPA Pre-Conference in 2013, the survey (94 respondents), 21 individual interviews, and various articles, reports and resources that have been discovered during the process.

The Quantitative Summary by Elizabeth Halpenny reports on Phase 1 of the study that documents the frequency of after-school or out-of-school program participants’ opportunities to engage in play and especially play in outdoor and nature-based contexts.

Publication Date: 
Alberta Recreation and Parks Association