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Executive Summary: Toronto is one of the top immigrant-receiving cities in the world and home to more than 65,000 newcomer youth. Supports for youth settlement in this context would be an important priority for youth serving systems, as settlement adds to the psychological and social stresses common in adolescence, making it an even more difficult period of transition and adjustment. Participation in out-of-school-time recreational activities offers benefits to newcomer youth experiencing the challenges of settlement, including opportunities for newcomer youth to make friends and build...
This resource is designed for care providers and focuses on the development of fundamental motor skills and the facilitation of physical activity. The guide contains fun activities and opportunities for parents and caregivers to spend time playfully and productively with children.
Lessons and activity plans are designed to ensure all children, regardless of ability, are provided with access to quality physical education and sport opportunities, while supporting teachers with a variety of assessment options and links to provincial curricula. This resource also supports families in encouraging the further development of their children by providing a list of activities that everyone can take part in at home. Free, requires login.
Complete physical literacy toolkits designed for kindergarten to grade 12... and beyond! Each Fitness Chart Kit comes with 40 high-quality, expert reviewed exercises, a comprehensive teacher's manual, and access to online videos. Available for purchase
Kids CanMove is a gymnastics program for elementary schools. It promotes physical literacy in elementary schools by teaching kids fundamental movement skills in their PE classes as well as providing teachers with the resources needed to be able to teach gymnastics confidently and safely. The Kids CanMove program was designed to ensure that all teachers including those with no previous experience can safely teach gymnastics. Includes a teaching manual with sample lessons and task cards. In-class training is available in BC.
This document from the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) has dozens of group activities and games that promote physical literacy. It is an instructor guide that includes: age-appropriate games sample lesson plans approaches to maximizing student engagement in physical activity
This site includes various resources, such as Activity Cards, Recipe Card Lesson Plans (Eng and Fr), Fitness Dice Activity, and more, as well as links to other physical literacy resources. Some are available as free downloads, others may be purchased.
Defines both Physical Literacy (PL) and Physical Education (PE), and looks at responsiblities for teaching PL, the role of physical education in supporting the development of physical literacy, pedagogical strategies, and more.
I CAN Develop Physical Literacy is a resource for anyone in the community working with children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) continuum. It is intended to serve as a support tool for teachers, coaches and leaders who want to incorporate physical literacy into their programs. The resource will give a brief introduction to ASD, but will focus on support strategies, behaviour support tools, and how to modify activities to create optimal challenge. Although the lesson plans provided are for children age 4-11 years, the support tools are relevant to any age group. The goal is that after...
A site with various free art step-by-step printables and how-to videos.
The role of A Head, Heart, Hands Approach to Outdoor Learning guide is to help educators and the communities that surround and support them, (such as administrators, facilities staff, parents, licensing officials, etc.), to learn more about Forest and Nature School (FNS) and what this model of education offers Canadian children. Forest School Canada was formed in the spring of 2012 as an education initiative of the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada. Nurtured under this organization for a couple of years, Forest School Canada is now an independent not-for-profit organization that works...
This site features no-cost downloadable videos of games in various categories, including Physical Literacy that walk you through the set up and rules of play. Videos can also be searched on the following topics: Teaching Games for Understanding, Warmup/Cooldown, Sports,  as well as listing by different types of games (circle, parachute, dodgeball, relay races, etc.).
Parents play a major role in supporting health behaviours and providing children opportunities for healthy, active living. In Canada, between 1979 and 2004, rates of obesity in children more than doubled. Physical activity, healthy eating, and reducing recreational screentime are important for promoting and maintaining healthy weights. Each of these infographics focuses on a specific child health behaviour: daily physical activity, screen time, and healthy eating. These infographics and graphics present results from a telephone survey of 3,206 parents living in Ontario, conducted...
This website offers varied resources for children and youth and practitioners who work with them. Examples include Around the World, which includes facts about countries with a Sightseeing Guide, History Timeline, Challenge, Day in the Life for each country. Others include Homework Helper, Kid Reporters, and more. A Mini-Sites section includes book reviews, Space, Environment, and more. 
This series of short videos (one to six minutes duration) is designed to help you create a quality physical literacy experience for your participants in your practice or programs. Each video focuses on key components to assist you in understanding physical literacy and how it is important to consider in your programming implementation. Supplementary information and resources are provided after each video. The videos are batched into two sections: Section One (nine videos) provides background information for developing a quality physical literacy experience and Section Two (20 videos) ...
Watch instructional videos on how to administer CAPL or practice scoring CAPL using existing videos for: Grip Strength, Height, Obstacle Course, PACER Shuttle Run, Pedometer, Plank, Questionnaires, Sit and Reach, Waist Circumference, and Weight.
Video, 2 minute Ever wonder what Physical Literacy means? Motivate Canada's female Physical Literacy Facilitators give us great insight into what is means to be physically literate and how it affects our lives on a daily basis and at any age.
Two webinar recordings, each one hour, conducted by Drew Mitchell from Canadian Sport for Life. Overview: Brief overview of physical literacy Physical Literacy National Strategy – new initiative – early outcomes Physical Literacy Delivery and Promotion at the national, provincial and regional level Community Engagement examples from across Canada Opportunities – RBC Learn to Play grants Increasing Awareness & Knowledge Original webinar run on November 26, 2015, second on January 12, 2016. There are slight variations between the two seminars...
“The Food Dudes” nutrition education package was developed by a group of teachers, a nutritionist, and a school meal program attendant. It was initially designed to complement school meal programs, but is now used by many schools to teach nutrition education regardless of participation in school meal programs. The goals of the nutrition education package are: to teach children about food and nutrition thereby encouraging them to eat their lunches and try new foods to increase children’s knowledge and awareness of nutrition and to promote healthy food choices to encourage parental/...
Alternatives to TV and computer games, even on rainy days! Board games, free reading time, a physically active video game like “Dance Dance Revolution” or other fitness games, a scavenger hunt either inside or outside, and more.