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To raise awareness of beach safety, two brochures featuring important safety tips can be reviewed prior to beach visits: Beach Safety provides information on the safety services provided at provincial park beaches including water safety education, Beach Safety Officer patrols and beach facility measures. Beach Safety for Groups provides water safety education with a focus on group supervision and safety guidelines.
The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines, managed by Ophea, are updated annually and represent the minimum standards for risk management practice for school boards. They focus the attention of teachers, intramural supervisors and coaches on safe practices, in every activity, in order to minimize the element of risk. The Safety Guidelines include concussion protocols to help prevent and identify suspected concussions and manage a student’s safe return to learning and physical activity. The Safety Guidelines are divided into Elementary and Secondary levels, each containing three...
Learn safety tips for all food types. Also find information to protect those who are vulnerable to food poisoning, including facts on food allergies and recalls
Participating in winter sports will help keep the whole family healthy, but injuries can spoil the fun. Here's how to keep kids safe during winter play.
HIGH FIVE QUEST 1 online training and its Assessment Tool enables managers in an organization to easily review adherence to existing policies and identify the need for new or enhanced policies and procedures. Comprehensive templates (e.g., Safe Arrival Procedures and Procedures for the Release of Children to Parents/Legal Guardians/Caregivers) give your organization practical ways to mitigate and manage risk, reduce cost of operations and benefit from returning staff and participants. Two sample guidelines are attached. Quality Indicator 2.1.6 looks to ensure that "A system is in place...
Policy to ensure the safety and security of clients and staff members in programs offered regularly in off-site locations.
Policy, Purpose, Scope, Responsiblity, Definitions, References and Related Policies and Procedures, Procedure.
The Statement of health and safety principles and responsibilities indicates the committment of the board and management to the protection all personnel from injury or occupational disease. It notes that Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act is built up the principle that employees and employers must act together to ensure a healthy and safe work environment and that all personnel will protect their own health and safety by working in compliance with the law and safe practices and established procedures. The Health and Safety Training policy outlines the training that all employees...
The Active and Safe After School Initiative includes various resources: After School Safety Check - resources and tools that help reduce the prevalence of physical injuries that occur during after school programs Free Online Resources - four resources related to safety education and injury prevention - Activity Plans, Activity Checklists, Parent Checklists, and 16 Checklists.
Section 7.0 Health and Safety 7.1 Health and Safety Responsibilities 7.2 Reporting Hazardous Materials 7.3 Hazardous Materials 7.4 Right to Refuse 7.5 Inspections 7.6 Personal Protective Equipment
Section 2.0 Supervision and Safety 2.1.1 Crisis Management Procedures 2.1.2 Reporting Emergency Situations 2.1.3 First-Aid Kits 2.1.4 Equipment and Supply Checks 2.1.5 Telephone Access 2.1.6 Releasing Children and Youth to Adults Other than Parents 2.1.7 Safe Arrival Program (Under Development)
PHE Canada, alongside Ophea, Canadian Parks and Recreation Association, Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability and High Five, as a part of the Active and Safe After School Initiative, have developed resources and tools that help reduce the prevalence of physical injuries that occur during after school programs.  The After School Safety Check resources build leader awareness and capacity of injury prevention helping them understand risk, become aware of good practices and knowledgeable of critical steps to safety/injury prevention. The After...
Various safety guidelines, procedures, policies from Girls Inc., which provides life-skills education and mentoring programs for girls, including an After School program.  Program Transportation Walking Guidelines: Description and guidelines for a walking program, developed to provide safety in a high violence area for girls being picked up and brought to the program and then being delivered home at the end of the program. Incident-Accident Report: Form that must be completed in the event of an incident / accident at Girls Inc. Site Health and Safety Policy: Notes procedures...
This site houses Ontario's Road Safety Education resource developed in partnership between the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), and the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (Ophea). Four resources were developed for the following grade divisions: Kindergarten to Grade 3 (Primary) Grade 4 to 6 (Junior) Grade 7 to 8 (Intermediate) Grade 9-12 (Senior) Each resource includes valuable division level information, cross-curricular lesson plans, as well as a community engagement toolkit. This site is searchable by available topics, as well as individual lesson plans.
This guide is divided into four sections to help injury stakeholders promote good practice in planning and implementing strategies to address child injury. SECTION 1: Introduces the concept of good practice and discusses general approaches for policy and programs in the areas of child injury prevention and safety promotion.SECTION 2: Provides a series of ‘at-a-glance’ tables that identify effective strategies (current good practice) in the following areas of child injury prevention and safety promotion: passenger safety pedestrian safety cyclist safety water safety fall prevention...
Includes information on safe food handling such as at Farmers' Markets and for food processors, fish and fish products, related legislation, and more. Includes a seven-minute video, Food Safety: It's in Everyone's Hands.
Recommendations regarding playground construction, planning, supervision, and more, to ensure maximum safety for a child. See also the society's position statement on playground injuries.