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Activity Ideas: Sun time Fun Time!

Cool ideas for hot weather!

Rubber Boots

Cool Down with Paper Fans - Get crafty AND cool with this transition activity

Sunny Days - A fun way to learn some sun smarts

Beach Ball Relay - Movement skills and teamwork are emphasized in this team activity

Catch the Water - A bucket and some H20 make this game a warm day winner!

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More Resources: 

Cooperative and Group Games

Build communication and cooperation with a variety of indoor and outdoor cooperative games for youth, compiled by Chinguacousy Wellness Centre, City of Brampton. 

Snack Ideas: Cool and Tasty Summer Treats

Lunch Box

Summer Porridge
Frozen Fruit Bites
Watermelon Pizza
Egg Sailboats

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Nutrition Resources

Healthy Eating

Nutrition Printables from Super Health Kids
Nutrition printables, such as food group lists, healthy food colouring page, matching foods to where they grow, healthy snacking tips, and more.

Learn more about healthy eating

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