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Outdoor Play

LET THEM PLAY: Lessons in After School Program Quality
The project uncovered insights on how to structure a successful after school program and on the types of programs that work well for engaging children in physical activity, and provides recommendations for funding and policies related to after school programs going forward.

Activity Lesson Plans for Grades K-6: Gym/Outdoor Green Space, Snow, Playground, Nature/Wooded Area, Nature Walk
Lesson plans include an introduction, warm-up activities, main activities, and cool-down activities.

Outdoor Activities for Kids with ADHD
Research suggests that being outside in natural environments reduces the severity of ADHD symptoms in kids. This article lists some good outdoor activities for children with ADHD.

Into Nature: A Guide to Teaching in Nearby Nature
The Back to Nature Network teacher’s guide, Into Nature, is a unique teachers’ guide that enables the teaching of all Ontario school curriculum subjects outdoors in nature on a regular basis.

Nature Play: Rediscovering Play in Natural Spaces
This resource looks at how to incorporate Nature Play into programs: How to encourage unstructured play opportunities in nature; games or activities you could play with various materials in nature; nature-based crafts and activities, such as nature paint brushes, a mud kitchen, bug rest stop, and many more.

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