Quality Program Assessment

Without a quality program assessment, how will you know whether your program is creating positive experiences for all children?  Program evaluation is crucial and allows you to celebrate successes, chart progress, and identify priority areas. 

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HIGH FIVE is Canada’s quality standard for children’s recreation and sport programs.  Before HIGH FIVE, no standard existed and there was a clear need for an innovative approach to help organizations enhance program quality and provide positive experience, which would remain with them for a life time.

Through HIGH FIVE front-line leaders can learn how to incorporate Principles of Healthy Child Development into their programs.  The HIGH FIVE Principles emphasize the social, emotional and cognitive needs of children ages 6-12, to help front line leaders engage participants, build relationships and resolve conflict.

Using the HIGH FIVE QUEST 2 Tool to evaluate your program
Find out more about  accessing QUEST 2 in Saskatchewan and download the pdf.

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Evaluation and Assessment Support

Measuring Youth Program Quality: A Guide to Assessment Tools, 2nd Edition
Provide useful guidance to practitioners, policymakers, researchers and evaluators in the field as to what options are available and what issues to consider when selecting and using a quality assessment tool.

How Can I Assess the Quality of My Program? Tools for Out of School Time Program Practitioners
This brief identifies some of the advantages of using program quality assessment tools that have been developed that can be used for self-assessment and program improvement and suggests a number of quality assessment tools currently available to assess program quality.

Why Conduct a Program Evaluation?
This research brief defines program evaluation, addresses common concerns program managers and practitioners have regarding evaluation. It also outlines five major reasons why conducting a program evaluation can benefit an out-of-school time program.

The RBC Foundation After-School Programs Evaluation
The aim of evaluating RBC funded after-school programs was to examine the successes and challenges of offering after-school programs in Canada. The evaluation comprised two phases. Phase 1 entailed a content analysis of annual program evaluation reports submitted to RBC grant managers. Findings from this phase provided a rich description of the key outcomes and benefits of after-school programs (see RBC Foundation After-School Programs Evaluation, Preliminary Report August 2010). Phase 2 utilized data obtained through individual interviews and focus groups held with parents, children and youth, after-school staff and RBC Foundation members and grant managers currently involved with an RBC funded after-school program, to explore their perspectives of “what works” and what may serve as barriers.

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