ONference Knowledge Exchange Feb 12, 2015

Welcome to ONference!... What's an ONference?

Ontario's After School Knowledge Exchange is a special professional development opportunity designed to support recreation-based after school programs in Ontario. This one-day event will be an opportunity to enhance learning and network with other recreation practitioners across the province as you take part in a joint keynote presentation and then follow one of two session streams tailored for Managers/Directors and program staff.

The ONference will take advantage of technology to connect people from across the province with a main session site in Toronto and satellite locations throughout Ontario where attendees will join together and participate in presentations with the help of an on-site facilitator who will answer your questions and share your feedback using the latest tech apps.

ONference is co-presented by Parks and Recreation Ontario and LIN.ca with bilateral funding from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Public Health Agency of Canada

Global Welcome and Keynote Address 


Graham Clyne is the Executive Director of the Peel Children and Youth Initiative and will outline the work they have led over the last two years as part of their “Peel’s Kids Participate: A Recreation and After School Strategy 2013-2018”.  Graham will share their findings on recreation and after school programming from the significant research undertaken to support the strategy including a study of parents and their use of services, and the “Voices” report that looks at the actual interests and activities of youth during out of school time. The presentation will include an update on the progress made so far; the advantages of system engagement and new partnerships; the strength of non-vested advocacy; and the work to reposition recreation as a vital part of a healthy community’s public policy. As a long time vocal advocate for the benefits of public investments in recreational and after school activities Graham hopes to inspire a renewed focus on mission driven work, supported by evidence. 

Keynote Address PPT  

M1: Evaluating and Measuring the Impact of Your After School Program


Presenter: Nancy Dubois, Facilitator and Health Promotion Consultant, DU B FIT Consulting

What are the goals of your after school program and how can you turn the outcomes you achieve into language which funders want – and need – to hear? This session will feature a new online resource for recreation program staff developed by Parks and Recreation Ontario and the Leisure Information Network. Walk through the development of a solid program plan aligned to an evaluation plan and designed to gather formative, process and outcome based data related to your after school program. 

M1: Evaluating and Measuring the Impact of Your After School Program - PPT

M2: Build Community and Celebrate your After School Program


Presenter: Evelyn Chambers, Senior Manager,  Volunteer & Community Engagement, 4H Ontario

This session will explore best practices gathered over 100 years of working and developing leadership with youth. Learn about successes, how to transition with the times, how to engage program alumni, and hear about community building initiatives through the ‘think global, act local delivery model’.

M2: Build Community and Celebrate your After School Program - PPT

P3: Children’s Mental Health

Presenter: LJ Bartle, Director, HIGH FIVE® National Standard, Parks and Recreation Ontario

This session examines the need for emotional safety in children’s programs with a focus on two critical reasons why children do not engage and why children facing these issues are a ticking time bomb. Participants will learn how to foster positive mental health, rules and barriers to engagement, and ways to communicate with parents and children.

P3: Children’s Mental Health - PPT

M4: Supporting Child and Youth Development: New Ontario Initiatives


Presenter: Ayasha Mayr Handel, Manager, Youth Strategies Branch, Ministry of Children and Youth Services, and Diane English, Director of Research, Policy and
Communications, Parks and Recreation Ontario

This session reviews provincial initiatives introduced in the past year that may influence how communities serve children and youth. First, we will focus on Stepping Up, an evidence-based framework for youth initiatives that local governments have begun to incorporate into planning. We will examine the community response and learn how the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services is supporting this work. Lastly, we will review relevant sections of the Child Care Modernization Act and consider what effect new legislation will have on after school program service delivery in Ontario.

M4: Supporting Child and Youth Development: New Ontario Initiatives - PPT