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Video, 1 minute.

Jeff Dart notes the importance of making kids feel welcome, having fun with them, and getting to know them and recommends having a 30-second conversation every day with each kid.

Created by Parks and Recreation Ontario
Presenter Jeff Dart, Oshawa Community Health Centre

Video, 1 minute.

Jennifer Drummond reminds us that excitement, as well as complacency and indifference, is contagious and that kids will react to program leaders' attitudes. So, keep it exciting!

Created by Parks and Recreation Ontario
Presenter Jennifer Drummond, Toronto Foundation for Student Success

Free online course. Section One -15 minutes. Section Two - 2 hours.

Self-directed online training courses from the OCASI designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to assist you in providing services to newcomers. Course topics include: Make it Happen! A Manual for Youth Leaders in Community Development; Accessibility; Serving LGBTQ+ Newcomers; Violence Prevention; Mental Health; Newcomer Youth Settlement Guide for Service Providers; and more.

Training Video, Facilitator's Guide, Training Slides, Other Resources

Food & Fun After School has several training strategies to help afterschool staff learn about and implement the curriculum. Both trainings teach participants about the health topics covered in the curriculum and introduce folks to the variety of materials and resources available. The trainings also incorporate opportunities for staff to discuss the importance of nutrition and physical activity and make plans for implementation.

Video, 10 minutes.

This tutorial will provide you with information about the Take It EASY program and manual so you can run this empowerment and self-esteem after-school program in your community.

Video, 10 minutes.

This tutorial will provide you with information about the Cool MovesTM program so you can run this healthy active living after-school program in your community.

Webinar, 40 minutes.

This webinar covers suggested hiring procedures, staff meetings, training and evaluation. for after school program staff. The question and answer portion at the end specifically covers transitioning staff, mandatory/paid training and top training that youth request. Supplementary materials are available for download.

Presenter: Liz McGrath

15-part video series that together create a 1.5 hour workshop which you can deliver directly to your staff. Includes Part 16, resources and printables.